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Riders - Missing (Chapter 2 - The Meeting) cont...

The next section of Chapter 2 – The meeting, introduces a new character onto the scene – Khaos.  He is a very close friend of Thanetos and has been for many years.  They are quite opposite in character – but then opposites attract (this creates a much needed balance).  But, there is a secret that lies between them.  Will their friendship survive?  And what dramatic event will happen on the 25th June 2011?

The large man by the coffee machine turned and said, ‘Thane, you rascal, you are late.  I was beginning to worry.’
Far from looking worried, the large man seemed his usual decidedly jolly self.  He was dressed casually in his new jeans, which were ripped by the knees, and a bright canary yellow sweatshirt with Wildcat printed on the front.  His unruly mop of brown hair spiked outwards in total disarray, two day old stubble and brown laughing eyes all conveyed the message of relaxed enjoyment. 
‘Your concern is comforting,’ smiled Thanatos.  ‘I apologise for my tardy time keeping, but I seemed to have got my time zones confused.’
‘That is because you don’t carry an i-phone, my friend,’ chuckled the jolly man, walking across the room and thumping him firmly on the back.  ‘It would be a great help to you, if only you would bend a little away from the good old tradition.’
‘We are not going to discuss the problems of modern technology tonight, Khaos,’ grumbled Thanatos. ‘Not to mention the inadequacies of our workforce today, it has not been a good day thus far.’
‘You are looking a bit flustered today, my friend,’ Khaos intoned in sympathy. ‘Tell, what has upset you?’
‘Later,’ said Thanatos abruptly, turning to the two youngsters in the room he gave a slight nod. ‘Deimos .. Enyo.’
‘Thanatos, pleasant evening tonight,’ acknowledged the two in union, standing very stiff in their formal business suits.
Turning back to Khaos he said, ‘I bumped into Demeter outside, I believe Cycnus is running late.’
‘Yes,’ interrupted Deimos.  ‘He has been in contact with me and has promised that he will not be too late.  He said we should continue without him.’
Thanatos turned and looked at the two youngsters.  Both were clad in grey pinstripe suits, Deimos sporting a silver blue tie and Enyo a bright red tie.  Briefcases were lying open on the large oak boardroom table with laptops unpacked waiting to be booted up.  They currently attended the University where they were studying Business and had obviously been told that in order to be recognised or respected you have to dress the part.
The thoughts of the boys were already running through their itinerary for the long weekend.  Deimos, however was also using all his powers to try influence Thanatos to agree and start the meeting.  He would look good for Cycnus if he could demonstrate his forceful behaviour.
‘We will wait,’ smiled Thanatos sweetly.  ‘If it is only a few minutes it does not matter. 
Deimos’ shoulders dropped in obvious despair at his inability to use his powers to control the atmosphere.  His dislike for Thanatos was growing at each meeting.
Ignoring the two, Thanatos turned to Khaos.  ‘By the way my friend, what have you been saying to Sylvie, she seems to be quite smitten.’
‘What,’ chuckled Khaos happily. ‘Nothing, you know that I am a happily married man.  I can’t help it if I am a chick magnet.  And bad of you for reading her thoughts, my friend.’
‘It is very difficult not to when they are so rapturous,’ laughed Thanatos relaxing slightly after his stressful day.
Khaos grinned.
Making his way to the coffee machine Thanatos wondered what was keeping Cycnus again.  He and Demeter were decidedly jumpy lately and it concerned him.  Selecting a black coffee with no sugar he turned, placed the mug at the head of the table and sat down to read the Agenda before the others arrived. 
Weekly Meeting of the Angelo’s to be held in the head quarters of Bh.U.B, Room IX on Friday 22nd May 2011.  The Agenda went on to include the normal weekly items, but the point under General made him pause.  The item was the Change of Life scheduled for 25th June 2011.  Taking a quick sip of his coffee, he spluttered as he scolded his mouth.  He looked up to see Khaos watching him intently and raised his eyebrows in question only to receive a shrug in response.  Glancing down the table he noticed that the two trainees where to busy checking their emails on their laptops to notice the exchange.
Just then the door crashed open and in walked Cycnus followed closely by his shadow, Demeter.

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