Thursday, 24 February 2011

Riders - Missing (Chapter 3 - The second Visit) cont 2..

I am not completely happy with this section, but feel I need to move on, as I don't want to come to a grinding halt.  So please bare with me and remember this is my rough draft.  I am sure, sorry I know, there will be plenty of changes to come.  You should see the notation coloumn on my main copy.
Mr Smithers had stepped inside the front room but TJ was still standing by the open front door.
‘Melanie,’ gushed the man dressed in formal trousers and jacket.  ‘That infernal motor biker seems to be back in the neighbourhood.  I just wanted to check that you and your son are alright?  You never know what these hoodlum types will do if they found a beautiful women alone.’
‘Hoodlum,’ roared Khaos angrily from the kitchen. “Who is he calling a hoodlum?”
Thanatos laughed.
‘Thank you for your concern, Mr Smithers,’ said Melanie sweetly.  ‘But I am not on my own.’
‘Jeff, please,’ said Mr Smithers.  ‘I realise you have your son and that he is growing up now, but he is hardly a match for one of those ruffian’s.’
‘Ruffian,’ gasped Khaos infuriated storming through to the front room before Thanatos could grab hold of his arm and hold him back.  “I’ll show him to be more respectful and not judge a biker by his bike!”
Watching the scene behind his mothers back, TJ snorted, trying very hard not to laugh.  Khaos was hell bent on reaching Mr Smithers and his dad had hold of his friend’s hoodie, almost strangling him in the process.  Thanatos gave a quick jerk pulling Khaos back enough for him to step in front and stand next to his wife thereby preventing Khaos from being able to manoeuvre around them to get to Mr Smithers.
‘Mr Smi … Jeff,’ continued Melanie smiling widely.  ‘I have a very good response unit should I experience any difficulties.  Thank you again for your concern, but you will excuse me as we were about to sit down for dinner.’
Mr Smithers smiled disappointedly. ‘Of course.  I..’  he suddenly shivered and looked around.  ‘Are you having problems with your heating?  It has suddenly become very cold in here?  I am a very good handyman and can fix the problem for you?’
‘No no, my heating is fine,’ sighed Melanie wanting the man to leave now.  ‘I am quite warm.  Perhaps you are coming down with a cold or something?’
‘Hmm,’ said Mr Smithers doubtfully, looking over his shoulder at TJ still standing at the door smiling broadly.  ‘Well, if you sure everything is ok?  Just remember, if you need anything, anything at all, just ask.’
‘Thank you Mr Smithers, you are awfully kind,’ replied Melanie now firmly escorting him to the door.  ‘Good night.’
Mr Smithers had barely time to say goodnight before the large wooden door was firmly closed behind him.  Gazing at the door for a few moments he pondered on how it was really sad that such a beautiful woman could let herself mourn for a man that had left her so long ago.  He must have hurt her badly because she was very reluctant to get into another relationship.  But maybe when her son was all grown up, maybe then she will start to feel lonely and that was when he would be there to help.  Nodding to himself, he turned and walked down the path and across the road to his house.
‘That…. that man is after your wife,’ stuttered Khaos staring at Thanatos who  had moved into the dining room and was now casually pouring three glasses of wine.
‘Obviously,’ said Thanatos smiling slightly.
‘Obviously?’ gasped Khaos sitting himself down at the large dinning room table.  ‘And this does not concern you?’
‘Why should it,’ said Thanatos placing the wine on the table and joining the rest of the family smiling at his wife.  ‘My wife is not interested in him.’
‘As simple as that?’ queried Khaos looking from husband to wife.
‘As simple as that,’ confirmed Melanie.
‘Well I repeat what I said earlier, Thane my friend,’ said Khaos.  ‘You are extremely lucky.  Not only is your wife the best Muse this side of the sun, she is a superb cook and loves you completely.’
Thanatos smiled and nodded in agreement, he was extremely lucky.  It was nineteen years ago when they met.  He had been searching desperately for Gaia after her mysterious disappearance.  For six months he had travelled from one end of the earth to the other, looking and listening for any signs of his closest and dearest friend.  Her explanation for her disappearance had not satisfied him as she would surely have confided in him prior to taking such drastic action.  There had been no sighting or signals until one afternoon after he had made a collection in Bwindi Forest he heard her song.  He had been drawn into the great forest, to an area where nobody ever came, even the local people who lived nearby did not enter, not for fear of wild creature or monster, but simply because no one ‘knew’ that it was there.  The majestic redwood trees held an air of pre-historic mystique, their branches extending a hundred meters upwards blocking out all the light.  The constant mist surrounding the forest made it invisible and confusing to the casual traveller.  He had wandered around for hours when the singing stopped as suddenly as it had started.  Confused and doubting himself he had wandered on, but no sound could be heard – not even the sound of the forest.   Many days passed with no further sounds or signs so defeated he made his way slowly out the deep forbidding forest.  Finding a country road near the edge of the forest he travelled along it for many miles until he found his way to a small village.  On nearing the closest cottage he had stopped and found himself staring at the most beautiful creature he had ever seen.  Melanie had been busy picking tomatoes from a small vegetable patch in front of the cottage and had looked up and seen him.  She had recognised him on sight and being concerned with his frail, dishevelled state had invited him in for dinner.  Not long after they had married and Thanatos Junior was born.  His connection with Gaia would always be present, but his love for his wife was infinite.

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