Monday, 24 January 2011

Jacket cover overview

I have posted two possible jacket cover synopsis for my book.  What is your preference?  Which one would entice you to read the book?  Or should I try again?  Please take my poll on the side coloumn.

Option 1

The balance of the Universe as we know it is in danger of falling and Cycnus is rejoicing.  Twenty years have come to pass and he is about to reap the reward of his plot to rid the World of the Angel of Life.  The Brotherhood of Universal Balance will be on their knees before him, the circle will be broken and he will be the First Rider.   There is just one other that knows his plan, but she is of no concern to him.  He will reign supreme.

Unbeknown to the dramatic events that are about to pass, Zoe is devastated by the sudden passing of her father - a well loved local fisherman in the little village of Polperro.  With his passing, her childhood nightmares almost overwhelm her as they increase in intensity and relentlessness.  Is she going insane or is there a message that needs to be unravelled?  All the signs, strange as they seem, are pointing her in one direction.  She must find her mother.

Option 2

The balance of the Universe in peril
An ancient Brotherhood in disarray
A journey of discovery

The eight Angelo’s of the Brotherhood of Universal Balance (Bh.U.B) are the messengers of balance and harmony in the World.   Without one the balance would be broken and the outcome un-comprehendible.   Overseen by the ancient Ruler and with the introduction of modern technology the Titans have become complacent.  One of their Angelo’s is on a mission to overthrow their rule and reign supreme.  His plan has been twenty years in the making, now the time was near.

In a frantic race against time, Zoe must now overcome the sudden loss of her father and decipher her childhood dreams to discover the link and save the world.  The ring she finds in her fathers belongings leads her into places beyond her dreams.  This is her quest and all the signs, strange as they may seem, are pointing her in one direction – she must find her mother.