Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Internet surfing is a drug

I am disappointed to report that I did not achieve my goal for yesterday. 

Blasted internet surfing is an addictive drug and before you know it the hours have flown by with nothing to show for it.

My aim was to spend a few hours creating, moulding and enhancing one of my characters for my book.  I do have them all in my head, but I felt having the details down on paper where I could just glance at on occasions would help tremendously when my characters got themselves into different circumstances. 

Well, my deadline has been extended forward a day.  Good thing I am my own boss! 

However, just to keep things flowing a bit I am posting the picture my daughter did on one of my scenes.  It is a perfect fit to the picture in my head.  I just hope her amazing depiction of the scene is due to my incredible descriptive writing?

Thanks Heather – you a star. 

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